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you on your journey to becoming a successful financial entrepreneur.

A prominent financial expert, a popular personal finance mentor, he is India’s leading voice in financial training, investing and building wealth. His trailblazer programs and courses help investors, intermediaries, individuals and businesses, set the right goals and navigate their financial success

Renowned for his ability to transform the most difficult financial concepts into easy-to-understand analogies, Hitesh Mali has transformed financial training from tedious to fun, from preachy to practicable and from drab to fab. Across 24 years as a strategic business consultant, he has helped aspirers bust financial myths,

overcome limiting beliefs and achieve greater success.  His strategy based motivational training programs and entrepreneurial courses also include comprehensive business planning, investment panning, business roadmap creation and business development support.

Enabling Investors & Advisors

Hitesh Mali has been an enabler to both Investors and Advisors. While advisors come with varying degrees of financial expertise, investors belong to the pool of experimentation. Risks and rewards depend highly on their ability and willingness to create a strong portfolio.

As a strategic business consultant Hitesh Mali guides and mentors investors to make informed investing decisions. He foresees game changers, identifies beneficial trends and pioneers proactive interventions.

Over the past two decades he has helped investors and advisors discover and leverage the benefits of vital industry changes like:

  1.  Introduction of DEMAT
  2.  Derivatives Emergence
  3.  The Launch of Franchisee by SEBI
  4.  Mutual Funds
  5.  Wealth Management

Certifications & Programs attended

Journey of Hitesh Mali

Introduction of DEMAT


The introduction of dematerialization (DEMAT) – conversion of physical shares into electronic form – in the 90s was a radical move that changed the Indian financial market for the better.

But traditional investors were suspicious about demat accounts and were not comfortable with the idea of holding their investments as an electronic entry.
Hitesh Mali played a critical role in spearheading the process of investor education and institutional shift to demat accounts for several leading banks and financial companies by way of numerous investor awareness programmes and seminars.

The launch of Franchisee by  SEBI


In 2005 SEBI opened up the franchisee model, putting an end to sub-broker model. It was a great opportunity for people to start their own financial market based business. Under this, any person authorized by a stock broker could become a sub-broker or agent and provide access to a stock exchange trading platform to investors. Hitesh Mali was pivotalin motivating people to accept the franchisee business model.

First seminar on MUTUAL FUNDS


Although the first mutual fund in India was set up in the year 1963 with the Unit Trust of India, their popularity increased only in the recent years. Despite their multiple advantages mutual funds failed to attract trust.

From conducting the first seminar on Mutual Funds in 2013, to every day sessions and consultations on this great product today, Hitesh Mali has been an integral part of the Mutual Fund growth story.



The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) commenced trading in derivatives with the launch of index futures on June 12, 2000.
Hitesh Mali helped spread awareness on the important economic benefits of risk management and price discovery that derivatives bring. He undertook several workshops and seminars to make people understand how derivatives redistribute


Since 2009

With the emergence of the franchisee segment, it became easier for people to establish a new business and grow. Hitesh Mali guided stock brokers to start and develop their own business through numerous workshops on:



Investors usually focus on only one asset class but India’s global positioning has compelled them to focus on multiple asset classes. Hitesh Mali envisioned this as an opportunity to drive the shift from short term market profits to long term investment gains. He was instrumental in laying the foundation of wealth creation and wealth management among investors and intermediaries alike.

India is dependent on millennials and they need advisory services so now is the time to focus on multiple assets and global diversification, which includes Gold, Portfolio Management Services, Alternative Investment Fund, Equity, Mutual Funds, and Structured Products.